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Winterberg winery was founded in 2012 in Skalica. Documents prove that the area, which at that time was called by its German name Winterberg, has been used for winemaking at least since 1581. This name in its changed form persists until today. The slope on which the winery stands until this day, is called Vintoperk. To honor viticulture tradition in Skalica region and for raising the prestige of this beautiful area, we decided to name our winery after this historical name, Winterberg.

New cellars built in 2013 in the place of the old town distillery are equipped with the state of the art technologies to ensure the most delicate processing of the grapes. It allows for the wine production of the highest quality. The basis of every quality wine are the grapes. Winterberg winery is processing grapes coming from the best harvests of Male Karpaty, Nitra and south area of Slovakia. Winterberg manages vineyards in the area of about 5 hectares in Novosády in Skalica, consisting above all from Blue French, Blue Portugal and Saint Laurent, which together make a base of harmonic and well-known cuvée Skalický rubín (Ruby of Skalica).

Nowadays, the winery specializes in the production of high-quality wines such as white Walsch Riesling, Mopr Blanc or Green Veltliner, Sauvignon, Gewürztraminer or White Riesling. Rose wines are represented by Fresh Frankish blue rosé and Cabernet Sauvignon rosé, red wines, especially by well-known Skalický rubín and Skalická frankovka (Blue French). The quality of wines from our winery is confirmed by a vast amount of awards from prestigious competitions, and of course by a huge interest from our customers from the ranks of wine shops, restaurants and hotels.


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"Vína značky Winterberg jednoducho zbožňujem, ich chuť je naozaj vynikajúca"

Eva KlempováHolíč

"Perfektné vína, pri ich pití mam vždy lepšiu náladu"

Matej PodhorskýSkalica